When is it time to let go and take a break?

When is it time to let go and take a break- (1).jpgOver these last two months, it has been a constant routine of meeting deadlines, reaching the learning curve and presenting many, many presentations in a language I have barely touched for the last five years. Sounds like school, doesn’t it? I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a summer program with a non-profit health organization and experience what it is like to be involved in community health, while exploring if public health is something I hope to gravitate my career towards with an education degree. As I discover deeper into my passions and where I can bless others, I am always bringing myself back to where I get my energy most from – building relationships, connecting with others and bringing light to those that need it most, especially in the health community. I would say that these last two months hasn’t been the easiest, to the points where I wonder if this was even worth the experience but at the end of the day, I am reminded of what a great opportunity this has been to learn from the daily routines, to step out of my comfort zone and really bring out the gifts I was given.

It has also been a blessing to work alongside with an individual whom shares so many similarities to the point where we are constantly laughing at how crazy this is to really be digging deeper as if we have met many years ago. Aside from work-related conversations, our interactions became so much more than what we do on a daily basis. It is not easy to spend six days a week with the same person but it is never a dull moment with her. You know who you are, girl! ;]

As I reflect on the bigger picture of these last two months, there’s been a lot to learn from as I continue to grow from the experiences and as I continue to explore the adventures. From the daily routines to the new experiences that occur weekly, it is so different to be actively involved in the community rather than just reading it from the books. I’ve also learned that what we really learn from the books, sometimes, just can’t be applied into the real world and learning just how important it is to be practicing those theories with real world examples. With such abstract theories and concepts, it becomes rather difficult to see it be put into use. But aside from the practicalities, there’s been a question on my mind and it goes like this,

“When is it time to let go and take a break?”

As this page in this new chapter comes to an end and I’m ready to turn to the next page, I am constantly asking myself “what’s next?”… “what’s the next thing I want to fill my plate with?” – a possible question to satisfy my productive self and avoid “resting” for the remaining two months before I head back to school. It almost seems like there needs to be a productive routine to make this summer another successful one, a summer filled of adventures, new memories to cherish and another summer to add into the books. Yet the only word that really comes to mind is R E S T.

So what exactly is “r e s t”? According to this handy dandy friend of mine, Google defines rest as a verb that states that rest is ‘ceasing work or a movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength”. Notice, how the word is a verb (and a noun too) or in order words, an action word. For so long, society has always seem to put a negative connotation to this word – a word that seems so forbidden in this world that seeks productivity and requires people to be constantly working and being on the go. And if that’s not the case, rest is imagined as an individual that stays at home, being still and does nothing. Seems a little contradictory, doesn’t it?

For so many years, I’ve been fighting (and still fighting) this idea of what rest is portrayed as. The little self in me has always fought for productivity and the sense of being proactive where productivity meant doing something, rather than spending time to recover before the next ball of energy rolls around. Digger deeper, this sense of productivity really comes from the identity of performance I’m also fighting against – to not be defined by what I do but rather the love and joy that comes from the things I’ve been blessed with, to reach out for love that spreads further than we could ever imagine it can go. 

And as I continue to really dig deeper into my passions and things that bring me life, I’m starting to realize that rest works its way into us when we are burning inside to fight for what we love, to go out there and do great things in life because God provides us with the strength and energy to move forward. He is the one that provides the joy, the peace, the ultimate source of love to allow us to continue even when times get tough.

When we wholeheartedly work towards the things we love to do, that is when we can keep moving forward, regardless of what obstacles we face along the way. The remaining things, even rest, will figure itself out, one at a time. 

So here I am, days away from turning the pages of #summer2017 and I can only look forward to what’s the next adventure I’m walking in, as long as the One that brought me here is always by my side and I know that he A L W A Y S will be, regardless of how far I run.

And I pray that each one of you finds rest in your passions, that burning fire inside you to keep striving forward day after day, because you were created to love on others and use what you’ve been blessed with to be world changers, to be healers of this world and whatever else you’ve ever imagined yourself to be.