Rainy day cheese.

As the rain pours down with winds shaking the house tonight, I am reminded of how peaceful this can be and what a wonderful time for reflection and cheese. Despite the strong winds and rain that drenches all of us when we step outside, we can look beyond that to know that the grass will be greener, the flowers will bloom and the sunshine is only a day away. To know that the skies will be blue again and the birds will be back to chirp its voices away, that is something so worth being thankful for.

As I sit here tonight and realizing how quickly this month has passed by and really learning what it’s really like to work a full time job, I am amazed at how much one individual can do to really make a difference. With only a few weeks left before I walk the stage, I am really amazed at how different school and the real world is really like and it makes me question, is this really what it should be like? How is it that we learn theories and concepts that might not even necessarily be applicable to what we are doing in our desired career? But there’s one thing that’s for sure – and that is the ability to be a positive light and blessing no matter where we are.

How beautiful and wonderful is it that we called to be a light, no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing.

And although we are all imperfect, we can shed a light and give our hearts by loving with imperfect love.

What if the only thing that we have to do is open our hearts to love and receive love despite our circumstances? What if the only thing that we have to learn to do is shift our hearts to be child-like? Just like a child that is so curious of the world and letting his/her imagination run wild, we can have a similar lens of the world because all it takes is for us to love with imperfect love. 

And despite all the mistakes we’ve made, all the wrong paths we’ve walked on and all the wrong decisions we’ve made – ultimately, we are on an adventure to experience, to learn and to become who we are all designed to be. We are all called for a purpose and to love one another.

It is so powerful to see someone who can love despite their past, their wrongdoings and all the regrets he/she has experienced.


So let us open our child-like hearts,
where His love surrounds us.
So that we can love and receive love too.