Glimpse of His reality.

I’ve had Kim-Walker Smith’s latest song “Glimpse” on repeat for the last few days thanks to my fave work buddy where our days of office work consists of blasting worship songs and singing along to them. And what a blessing it’s been to share such a deep connection with her where we are so similar and always on the same page. I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to work and serve in the community with anyone else, but we’ll leave that for another story of #cheesebysarahtao

Aside from that, I’ve been so in awe of how our Heavenly Father sees us daily. No matter how much we walk away from Him and want to make choices for our own good, and often walking in a different direction that what He planned for us, He still and will always be with us. We are often drowned in our circumstances that we tend to forget that none of this really matters when we are viewed and loved in a totally different, yet unconditional way. What if we are able to see His perspective and His reality of us? What if we live in His reality and see even the tiniest glimpse of eternity? His overflowing and unconditional love and joy for us is so much greater than our wildest dreams, our desires to control our life and walk away from Him.

When I really step out of my box, out of my own comfort zone and my own views and perspectives; every living thing that exists and every person I connect with should be a reflection of Him. He knows exactly what we need or even what our heart speaks even when we don’t speak it aloud.

As we give and receive love; security and significance, gratitude and generosity, community and mission is immensely produced, giving us a life of peace and joy even in the hardest times.

So, no matter what your circumstances are, no matter what struggles you’re overcoming; let us be encouraged that you are never alone and we are so so loved. And let us be reminded that our life purpose is less about what we do and more about why we do it. Ultimately, love redeems all we do… especially God’s love for us!

Enjoy and feel His presence, love and joy! 🙂

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Spirit of God, come alive in me
Give me a glimpse of your reality
I am changed by a love that will never run dry